To upload a Vaccination:

If your app is still asking you to verify your email, please try refreshing your app by pulling down on the screen and releasing, or closing and reopening the app.

1) Go to your profile screen, then press the +add new icon under Vaccine.

2) Enter the Type of Vaccine you had and press Continue.

3/ Choose the Dose - it is important you enter them in order: First, Second and Booster. NB if you have had the 1 dose J&J vaccine, please upload this twice as First and then Second so the system registers you have had the full dose.

3) State where you received your Vaccine eg. West End Heath Center (you can add the Batch Number if you have that detail but it is not compulsory) and the date of your vaccine

4) Press Continue.

5) press Upload or Scan to add a photo of your certificate

6) Press Confirm.

7) Repeat the process for your other doses.

Please note: If your organisation or event has requested vaccine verification, this information will need to be verified independently. Please wait 24 hours for this to be completed.

Please ensure the green toggle next to your Vaccine on your profile screen is toggled on so your organisation or event can see this information.

Go to Settings > My Health > Vaccinations to view a record of all of your input vaccinations.

Got a question? Contact our support team by opening the chat window.

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