Firstly, please ensure that you have the Event functionality on your account. If you don't have this function yet, please follow these instructions before returning to this page.

Once you have the Event functionality added to your account, click 'Event Management' on the green navigation bar. Then click the 'add event' button.

You will then see a pop up where you can enter all the information about your event including the event name, date, Covid-19 protocols and event image. This information will be displayed to attendees within the app.

Once you have entered all the event details, click 'Submit', you will then receive confirmation that the event has been created.

You can see the event at the bottom of your list of events and click on the arrow at the end of the row to view the event dashboard with valuable information including your attendees and the number of attendees who've met your event requirements.

You can now send out instructions to your attendees on how to download the app and join the event.

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