Your system administrator can invite you to connect your account to the company. Once this invitation has been sent, you will receive an in-app notification asking you to accept. Once you have pressed accept, your account will be connected. You can manage your connection by going to Settings > My Connections > Employers. If your invitation does not arrive, please follow the steps below.


If your invitation has not arrived, follow these steps...

Step 1:

Check if the invitation is in your notifications. The following highlighted message will appear:


Select this notification to open the invitation, then press accept.

Step 2:

Check that your email address is correct. You can check this by going to Settings > Account > Personal & Contact Details. You may also need to check with your system admin what email address has been invited. If you are part of an organisation, this will likely be your work email address.


Step 3:

Ask your system admin to resend your invitation. They can do this by changing the Confirmed drop-down filter to Pending, and selecting the resend icon. If you are still experiencing issues receiving the invitation after following these steps, contact our support team.

You should receive the following pop-up once the invitation has arrived. You will need to press Accept in order for your account to be linked to your organisation.


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