All data from integrated thermal scanners using the following standards:

  • Only minimum data required held for FaceID recognition

  • All traffic through HTTPs

  • Standard, high security database, hosting and backups policies in place

  • Data stored securely with Azure

The data is delivered to through HTTPS (SSL), which means encrypted in transit.

No data is shared from endpoints with any external party. Extra firewall and network protection to control the access to servers. Standard procedures.

Only the minimum data required for FaceID recognition is stored, using Microsoft Azure without backups and with encryption, Data Factory has been certified by HIPAA and HITECH, ISO/IEC 27001, ISO/IEC 27018 and CSA STAR.

Data points stored:

  • Customer ID and their employed location

  • Customer Image

  • Face ID

  • Client ID and their profile

  • Tenant ID and their profile which includes their business hours, location

  • Temperature

  • Device profile – Mac Address, IP address, GEO Location of the device, device software patch

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