Tested.me applies security best practices to all aspects of the solution and manages platform security so that our enterprise customers and individuals users of the tested.me mobile app can focus on great experience and solving health data sharing challenges and returning to workplace safely.

tested.me operates within the regulatory guidelines in the UK (GDPR) and United States(HiPAA) fulfilling all regulatory compliance needs in terms of users’ data, controls and processes. Our platform is designed to protect customers from threats by applying security controls at every layer from securing mobile phone access and dashboard permissions, guarding data in transit between the mobile application and our services and storing our customer’s data in the most secure and safe environment possible. We use certified, world-class data storage and hosting cloud services (AWS and Heroku), continuously protected data backups and systems architecture with no single point of failure. The data always belongs to our customers with full control over sharing permissions and the ability to delete any data point at any time

We follow all the latest security standards for web and mobile application development and perform an independent audit of our security protocols every 6 months.

Tested.me is Cyber Essentials, ISO 9001, ISO 27001 accredited, a member of the Good Health Pass scheme and is B Corps Pending.

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