To upload a Health Test result or Lateral Flow Test:

1) Go to your profile screen, then press the +add new icon under Health Test. profile

2) Select the Enter Results Manually button. (If you have a one of our Partner tests, you are able to use the Scan Code function to receive an Authenticated test result. See our article)

3) Input the details of your Health Test type and the result. You will then need to upload Proof of Test, this can be your confirmation of result email, text message, or certificate. If you have taken a lateral flow rapid test, you can upload a picture of your test. Press save once you have completed all the fields.

4) Go to Settings > My Health > Test Results to view a record of all of your Health Test Results and the proof of test documentation. Please note that your test result will not have a Verified Status until a medical professional verifies your result on the application.


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