To register a new PCR Test Kit:

1) Go to your profile screen, then press the +add new icon under Health Test.

2. Select the Register PCR Test Kit button

3. Input your test kit barcode number, a photo of your barcode, the date and time of the test then press Continue. If you are unable to find your test kit barcode number please contact your test provider, or contact the support team.

4. Please follow the instructions included in your test kit for instructions on how to return your test sample to the lab. Once your test result has been received and processed by the lab, your result will be delivered to your profile.

You will receive an in-app notification and email once your test result is ready.

You can find the result and view your test result certificate by going to Settings in the application, then selecting My Health and then Test Results. Select the most recent test result to open the details and view the certificate.

Your test result will be verified by the lab and can be used to show you are negative for COVID-19.

Have a question? Contact our support team by opening a chat window.

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